In Sinaloa, 83.3% of coronavirus patients have recovered


Of 38 thousand 436 infected patients, 32 thousand 027 have recovered

Mazatlán, Sinaloa .- 436 days after the first case of coronavirus detected, Sinaloa accumulates 38 thousand 436 infected patients, of which 32 thousand 027 have recovered and 6 thousand 137 have died.

This Saturday, May 8, the Ministry of Health reported 59 new patients who were discharged; 20 from Culiacán, 15 from Ahome, 11 from Mazatlán, six from El Fuerte, Salvador Alvarado three, El Rosario two, San Ignacio one and Concordia one.

Photo: Courtesy Health

44 new cases were also reported; 19 from Culiacán, 16 from Ahome, four from Mazatlán, three from El Fuerte, and two from Navolato.

The municipalities with the most recovered patients: Culiacán 14 thousand 489, Mazatlán four thousand 769, Ahome four thousand 268, Guasave four thousand 056, and Salvador Alvarado thousand 056.

The municipalities with the most deaths are Culiacán, 2,318; Ahome, with a thousand 063; Mazatlán, with 925; Guasave, with 681, and Salvador Alvarado, with 221.


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