Mazatlan gets ready for the return of tourist cruise ships


Passengers and crew will have to be vaccinated to be able to travel on the tourist boat

Mazatlán, Sin.- Authorities, lines and shipping agents work on the adjustments of sanitary protocols for the return of tourist cruises.

Giancarlo Parolari, from Playa Sol Tours, announced that in the case of the activities that will be offered to this segment of tourism, they will be adapted to the new normal.

He stated that within the amenities they will offer a tour called “bubble”, where visitors will be totally isolated.

He commented that there is no exact date for the return of the cruise ships to Mazatlan, however, they are already preparing for the return, because every week they have meetings with the Miami shipping executives.

“We are already working with them, sending information, making adjustments to the protocols and activities because among the activities and experiences that we are going to provide with this new return of the cruises we will not be able to offer the same, everything has to be adapted to the new normalcy, “he said.

The shipping agent pointed out that the good news is that the Royal Caribbean line is already preparing the departure of the first ship, for the month of May in Europe, where all the crew and passengers will be vaccinated.

“We believe that the United States, as it is very advanced in the matter of vaccination, will apply the same for the cruises that leave California, which are those that visit Mazatlan, that will travel under that scheme that all passengers and crew to board are vaccinated, “ he said.

He pointed out that the pandemic has strongly affected service providers for the cruise segment and although they have tried to diversify, they are very hurt on the economic issue because they have been unemployed for a full year.

“As a company, we had to restructure the payment of suppliers, to try to safeguard human resources as much as possible, but after so long we had to lay off personnel and it is a chain that is going to affect both. “, he concluded.


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