Mayor of Mazatlán sanctioned for gender violence but allowed to run in 2021 elections


The Electoral Court issued a judgment against Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres for political violence based on gender against the Trustee of the municipality; you can still contest the ruling

Due to the fact that the sentence issued against Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, mayor of Mazatlán, for political violence based on gender has not yet been formalized, the possibility that he may participate in the 2021 elections as a candidate for governor of Sinaloa remains, said the presiding magistrate of the Electoral Tribunal of the state of Sinaloa (TEESIN), Guillermo Torres Chinchillas.

This Wednesday, Benítez Torres received a sentence from the Electoral Court of Sinaloa for political gender violence against the Attorney General Elsa Bojórquez Mascareño, who, being empowered to appoint the head of the internal control body of Mazatlán, was ignored by the mayor of the municipality, who appointed Rafael Padilla Díaz to the position.

With the TEESIN ruling, the procedure by which ownership of the Internal Control Body was assigned to Padilla Días was revoked, so now the Procurator Trustee must present her proposal to lead the agency.

In October, the General Council of the National Electoral Institute (INE) stipulated as a condition to be a candidate for popularly elected positions that applicants must sign a form in good faith and under protest of telling the truth, where it is established that they have not been sanctioned by committing family violence or sexual crimes and not being a debtor of alimony.

After the sentence handed down by TEESIN against Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres for gender violence, the mayor of Mazatlán could be affected by his aspirations for the governorship of Sinaloa as flag-bearer of Morena, given the guidelines for candidates approved by the INE in October.

However, Magistrate Guillermo Torres Chinchillas clarified that the sentence issued by TEESIN has not yet caused status, that is, it is still possible to file appeals against the ruling, so it can be challenged before federal authorities by the municipal president of Mazatlán.

Torres Chinchillas assures that Benítez Torres has four days after being notified of the sentence, which has not been done, to challenge it before the Guadalajara Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Branch.

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The president of the Electoral Court of Sinaloa explained that once those four days have passed and if Benítez Torres does not contest, then the sentence will have caused a state and the INE and the Electoral Institute of the State of Sinaloa (IEES) will add it to the corresponding list of people who have exercised political violence for gender reasons and will assess whether or not they register the interested party in the elections.

The Mayor of Mazatlán offers a public apology to the Attorney General

This before the sentence of the State Electoral Court of Sinaloa.

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres offered a public apology to the Attorney General, Elsa Bojórquez Mascareño during the extraordinary session of the Cabildo number 22.

This is due to compliance with the sentence issued by the Sinaloa State Electoral Court, issued on June 12, where the first mayor publicly acknowledged and accepted the facts.

“From the front, with sincerity and respect, the hand is extended to the responsible public servants, so that the citizen Elsa Isela Bojórquez Mascareño adds to this administration her experience, knowledge, virtues, prudence and institutional respect, from a new way of understanding between public servants, and thus achieve the objectives set at the beginning of this Administration for the implementation of the Fourth Transformation, headed by the President of the Republic, Mr. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, ”said the Municipal President.

These apologies were joined by council members and Jesús Javier Alarcón Lizárraga, Municipal Treasurer; Javier Lira González, Senior Officer; Rafael Padilla Díaz, head of the Internal Control Body; Jorge Estavillo Kelly, Director of Planning; Humberto Álvarez Osuna, head of the Sports Institute; Ismael Tiznado Ontiveros, General Manager of Jumapam and Geovanni Gamaliel González Zararáin, Director of Human Resources.

The complaint made to the Court by the Union was made for alleged workplace harassment and gender violence, to which, on different occasions, the first mayor indicated that such an act would not be allowed in his administration.


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