Traditional Christmas piñata replaced by Covi-piñata in Mazatlan


* People ask for them to be able to de-stress and somehow feel that they are ending the disease.

The traditional Christmas piñatas to celebrate posadas have been replaced by the famous coronavirus piñatas.

According to María del Socorro Rendón, owner of Las Mil Piñatas, the “Covi-piñata” as it has been baptized by various users in social residences has become one of the most requested for these December holidays.

This new type of piñatas is becoming very popular due to the fact that citizens buy them to symbolize that they are ending the virus that has caused a pandemic around the world.
“People are asking for them, they were already sold before when everything just started, but now people want to de-stress because of everything that has happened this year; I will make one and I will grab it with shovels ”.

Their orders have increased considerably, people want to have their piñata to smash it and start a new year.

“Now with the fact that there are no posadas because people are buying piñatas to break them in their homes, with their relatives. We have the coronavirus, but also other figures such as the classic star, Santa Claus, reindeer and Christmas trees “.

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The prices of piñatas range between 40 and 600 pesos; Las Mil Piñatas is located at Calle Guillermo Nelson # 1909 Col. Centro or you can call them at 669-982-6510.


The Mazatlan Post