Mazatlan thieves exhibited with photos and videos on social networks


Thieves have also assaulted urban bus drivers

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Recently, in the different social networks, people affected by robberies or assaults have uploaded images of the alleged thieves so that the public can identify them.

Only in some of the photos or videos that circulate it can be seen that many of these alleged thieves are young, under 20 years of age and apparently their preferred businesses are pharmaceutical stores.

Most of them travel on motorcycles and enter with a cap, glasses and their respective mask.

After they are inside the business, they subdue the employees and after handing them the money, they flee.

This increase in thefts in shops, pedestrians, and public transport has increased this December

Only two assaults on public transport drivers have already been recorded and so far no thief has been caught despite the fact that people upload the images of the alleged criminals to social networks.


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