Another bike path in Mazatlán! From Marina to Cerritos


This will mean a great advance in the bicycle lane networks that have been arranged around the city since it estimates that with this extension there would be 10 kilometers from the Marina to Cerritos

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The President of the Municipal Committee of Cyclists, Carlos Suárez Gutiérrez, revealed that within the plans to expand the bicycle lane networks, a remodeling of Cerritos Avenue is being considered, which will have its area for cyclists.

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In an exclusive interview for Reacción Informativa, Suárez Gutiérrez informed that it is a recent tender that is about to issue a ruling, which means that in a matter of a few days the process of the work will be announced.

“The only thing I know is that there is a tender that must be about to issue the ruling but it would be a matter of investigation, I have not seen the document but it is a matter of a few days that it will be released,” the president revealed.

“We just found out a couple of days ago that remodeling for Cerritos avenue and the bike lane is also being considered, that information is barely circulating, we should see the details well, but I think it is a bike lane that will have to be built in the next three months, “he added.

He commented that this will mean an advance in the bicycle lane networks that have been built around the city since he estimates that with this extension there would be 10 kilometers from the Marina to Cerritos.

“That implies another lot of kilometers of a bike lane because what we have is a bike lane to the Marina and from there to Cerritos there are like ten more kilometers, so this would imply a much more articulated and much more complete network of neighborhoods,” concluded Suárez Gutierrez.

Mazatlan by Bike

Mazatlan on it’s way to be a more Bike Friendly City 

Mazatlan’s Malecon has always been one of the preferred spots by cyclists, Even before the bike lane was built, and it makes sense who wouldn’t want to have the ocean and the three islands as a background or enjoy a beautiful sunset while biking on it. It is definitely a must if you are a cyclist

This could be a double-edged sword at certain times in the day, specifically at sunset, since in recent years there has been a boom in the number of people using a bike either for transportation, just as a sport or a healthy hobby. this has cause bike traffic jams or slow circulation in parts of the Malecon, upsetting cyclists and pedestrians as well.

The good news is that in 2020 the city is building two extensions to the Malecon’s bike lane, one going through the golden zone and the other going toward Rafael Buelna Avenue, also, according to the city’s plan for urban development, 80 km of bike lanes have been planned for Mazatlan. It seems that as time goes by our city becomes more Bike-friendly and it would be easy to move around town on a bike.

In the meantime here are some options if you want to bike safely in Mazatlan but you want to avoid the crowds at the Malecon.

Escobosa park

Escobosa Park 

This park has a bike lane that is 6.1 km long and it is located all through Oscar Perez Escobosa Avenue. This bike lane is a circuit so you could bike for a little bit over 12 km. The only disadvantage is that there is a big sketchy intersection you need to cross, but if you wait for the stoplight you should be fine.

Sabalo-Cerritos Avenue

 Sábalo-Cerritos Avenue (From the Marina to Cerritos)

This section of the Avenue is used by hundreds of cyclists in the morning some use it to get to work, others to connect with the road to La Noria. To complete the circuit you have to bike 9.2 km. The advantage of this road is that you could stop at Looney bean  for a coffee or a smoothie

Road to veredas del Mar

 Paseo del pacifico Avenue – Veredas del mar

This new Road connects with the Durango highway and its use by many cyclists, many of them use it to connect with many XC and enduro Trails, but if you just want a leisure ride you can complete the 13.4 km of the circuit, from the gas station at the beginning of the road to Veredas del mar and back. It is possible that you will see people from the different local bike teams do not hesitate in asking them for other options if you want to go for a longer ride.

So there you have it, we are looking forward to the new bike lanes in the city there will definitely be a lot of options for people that love biking. Join the ever groin cycling community in Mazatlan.

These are some of the options to ride your bike in Mazatlán, we are sure there are more, it is only a matter of consulting with the different local cycling teams, teams such as ALFA MTBNBK2 MTB,  Maz Bike Team among others.

Let’s grow the cycling community in Mazatlan and continue pedaling!