Mazatlan with few robberies and assaults boast Police Chief


* Expresses that not all complaints that appear on social networks are true

It is well known that during the month of December, robberies from homes or pedestrians increase.

For his part, the secretary of Public Safety and Municipal Transit of Mazatlán, Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola, said that in the port this type of crime is going down and assured that the city remains stable.

“Until now we remain the same, until now we are going down,” he said.

When questioned about the multiple reports of robberies and assaults that have flooded social networks in recent weeks, Alfaro Gaxiola explained that sometimes the information is false.

“I ask citizens to denounce, to make the call to us, social networks are often false, not everything that appears on social networks is true.”


Due to the wave of reports of assaults and robberies in the Villa Florida subdivision, the secretary was asked if that area has security cameras, to which he replied that they are verifying.

“At the entrance of Avenida Manuel Clouthier we have the cameras, we are verifying if the zoom is close to there, but if we have a camera at the traffic light,” he added.

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They recognize Public Security elements for their work

For their outstanding work in the matter of arrests, 23 elements of the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Traffic were recognized this Friday as Police of the Month, and received an economic stimulus in addition to a diploma.

mazatlan police

The head of the SSPyTM, Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola led the ceremony held at the Citizen Security Center, the last of the year, and urged the agents of the preventive corporation so that this stimulus serves as motivation to continue working on the different operations that They are held throughout the municipality, especially in a month of high economic and social activity such as December.

“Just as you are earning this recognition, this encouragement, I urge you to continue working and to keep pushing for the good of the citizens of Mazatlán, Sinaloa. On behalf of the Chemical Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, I congratulate all of you. Since this administration began, it has been supporting the elements, month after month, with encouragement and recognition of the outstanding elements for good arrests, for firearms, for vehicle theft , for robbery of a house, for drugs; The arrests made by these elements are varied ”, he mentioned.

Alfaro Gaxiola reiterated that in the commercial areas of the city and tourist areas there are already preventive agents carrying out the supervision and social proximity tours, to serve the citizens who require it, as well as in neighborhoods, subdivisions and rural areas, with the support of the corporations of the 3 levels of government.

The ceremony was attended by the Executive Secretary of the Municipal Public Security Council,
Martín Medina Arthur; the Deputy Director of Public Security, Deputy Inspector Pablo Ramírez Suárez; the Deputy Director of Municipal Transit, Jesús Antonio Estrada Díaz; the Coordinator of the Police Professionalization Unit, Pedro Joel Carrillo Lomelí; and the head of inspection and regulations of Municipal Civil Protection, Jehován Rivera Delgado.


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