Covid rebounds in certain Mazatlan neighborhoods


Mazatlan Sinaloa; December 01, 2020.- There are no longer fourteen but fifteen colonies that changed color, some blue and others preventive.

In a count carried out on the epidemiological map of the Ministry of Health, it was found that the Adolfo López Mateos neighborhood was added to the list in which cases of infections increased, having six, two more than last week and passed to the yellow traffic light.

In the center of the city of fourteen sick people, there are now fifteen, while the Tellería subdivision continues with 17 and Reala del Valle in 14, so these three are in blue or orange.

Real del Pacífico, Hacienda del Seminario, Francisco Villa, Lomas de Mazatlán, El Dorado, Villa Galaxia, Benito Juárez, Jabalíes, Pradera Dorada, Flores Magón and Urbivilla del Real, are the other preventive settlements, having between 6 and 10 cases .

En estas colonias de Mazatlán se registra el ligero rebrote de casos; una  pasa al amarillo

But with slight regrowth, there are at least ten more colonies that are about to go from green to yellow, counting five cases in each.

These include the El Cid neighborhood, Sábalo Country, Villas del Rey, Infonavit Playas, Pueblo Nuevo, Francisco I Madero, Francisco Alarcón, Jacarandas, Valle Bonito and Los Portales,


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