“Blow” to the economy: Mazatlan rising price of meat


Both pork and beef increased their value to 10 pesos per kilo

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The increase in the price of cattle in the region has caused tenants of the main markets of the port to have raised the value of the kilo of meat to 10 pesos.

They pointed out that for these dates the price tends to rise, since there is a greater demand, especially in the week of Christmas and New Year; However, now with the crisis that is experienced as a result of Covid-19, those who pay “the broken dishes” are them, since the customers who come to stock up carry less. Of a kilo that they bought previously, now they only buy half a kilo. And they can no longer “bear” the price they had previously.

In the markets, the kilo of beef oscillates between 150 and 160 pesos, the kilo of pork between 90 and 100 pesos, approximately.

” Beef has already risen and they ‘threaten’ that it will rise more. We are giving prime meat at 158 ​​pesos per kilo and the other at 150 pesos and pork between 95 and 100 pesos, previously it cost 80 pesos,” he said. Alfonso, in charge of Selected Meats Toro Pesado, of the Juan Carrasco Market.

Sebastián, from Carnes Tirado, in the Pino Suárez market, said that the meat market was the only increase in the year, but it was very considerable, at 10 pesos per kilo.

” It did have a considerable increase of 10 pesos, it was even, both in beef and pork, it is the only increase that there was in this year, but it was strong. Sales right now are between 60 and 70%, with small increases in a fortnight “.

He added that as of December 12 an improvement in the harvest is beginning to be noticed, as citizens prepare for the Christmas holidays, with increases that reach 95%.

David, from Los Ramírez butcher shop in the Juárez market, points out that in his case the supplier raised the cost little by little, from weight to weight. He even “held out” as long as he could and sold at the same price, so that his clients’ economy would not be affected.

However, last week he suffered another increase of two pesos, which was already impossible for him to bear and now he has to offer it like everyone else.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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