Violence in Mazatlan incidents increase


“Levantones”, kidnappings disappearances, and murders

Despite the fact that in recent days there have been “uprisings”, disappearances of women, the discovery of clandestine graves, assaults and even the murder in broad daylight of an Oxxo cashier, for the secretary of the City Council, José de Jesús Flores Segura, the municipal government has had “a lot of emphasis on security and Mazatlán has one of its lowest rates, although unfortunately, it hurts, it impacts the situation that took place (the death of the young woman), and although there is an alleged responsible detainee, that does not bring her back to life ”.

Then he philosophized with the theme that there are individuals who, if they are not educated well in the first five years of their life, will not have good habits of life. He immediately sent his condolences to the relatives of the young woman killed with a knife when she refused to be robbed in the business.

The municipal official was interviewed at his offices and added that we must continue working on the issue of security.

The lawyer Flores Segura added that there are meetings with the business chambers, although there are organizations, such as the Compavi, among others, that have to do with “violence and family integration and Mrs. Gaby Peña Chico, from the DIF, works and promotes those meetings to give an orientation that everything comes from childhood ”.

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