Turns out Mazatlans green bicycles (Vbike) were being sold legally on social media


The company closed and offered the bicycles so that they could continue to circulate in the port

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- After the return of the Vbike or ‘green bicycles’, as they are known by users, the publications seen on social networks, where a netizen put them on sale, are clarified. Humberto Ontiveros, the first to offer them on the network, explained that it is a legal business.

vbike mazatlan theft social networks

On November 23, an announcement on social networks puzzled the population, due to the fact that the ‘VBike’ placed along the boardwalk and linear park of Mazatlán appeared on sale, but because of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic they had to be withdrawn, meanwhile, nothing was known about them until today that Humberto Ontiveros revealed the reason why they were offered.

“I saw them on Facebook, the person who was selling them published it, I dialed him and I told him that tomorrow I was going, I was there in Bonfil Park … And I said ‘hey, but they are the bicycles on the boardwalk’, and he told me that this company is no longer going to work here, and those bicycles are like a donation for the population so that they could give them cheaper and stay here, “he explained.

Humberto Ontiveros explained that the condition of the bicycles would be described as “scrap”, some even without seats and rusted, this denoted by the abandonment during the pandemic. In addition, in order to make a safe purchase to be able to resell, Ontiveros verified that it was a legal business since the seller was in direct contact with the company and the registration of each unit was recorded on the same site, thus such as its unlocking in the system and the delivery of company letterhead documents.

“In fact, each bicycle that they sold, they took the photo of the license plate and they canceled it in the system wherever they come from, at the same time, in fact, they have contact with those people, as they are in charge here. to take care of them and they carry the whole list of bicycles ”, he described.

vbike mazatlan theft social networks

“In fact, they are bicycles since they are rusted, they lack the seat, they are like junk bicycles because they are no longer new and they were finishing them so as not to take it,” added Ontiveros.

Finally, after confirming that these human-powered vehicles were officially out of circulation and fit for sale, Ontiveros decided to buy six of these units and resell them at a low price.

Source: reaccioninformativa.com

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