Are you an ex-pat living in Mexico? Want a way to earn USD from your smartphone or computer?


Expats Earn Money from Referrals

Are you an ex-pat living abroad? Want a way to earn United States Dollars from your smartphone or computer? Well, I have great news for you. Opportunity is here!

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Expat’s Working from Home

As a traveler, I have met many expats living in Mexico, Brazil & Canada. Many have asked me what do I do for a living. I tell them that I created a network of movers who help clients load/unload their rental truck, portable storage container, trailer, etc – cutting their relocation down.

Without me even asking, they referred family or Facebook friends to my website – most resulting in a booking & successful move. A light came on!

The Land of Opportunity

As a contributor to many expat groups, I read a lot of questions and answer what I can. Many ex-pats from all parts of the world ask “How can I make money from home while living abroad”? Well, I have the answer: refer family & friends to my website.

There’s no start-up cost, no special skill needed – odds are you have everything you need to start earning today! If you are reading this from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, you have just about everything you need already.

Whenever a family member or friend you know needs help moving, send them to my site. I have movers available in 3 countries. If they book a team, you get $15USD per successful order.

A successful order is whenever a booking gets serviced. Sometimes a booking may get canceled, so I only payout AFTER the move has been completed. The local teams report every move computer – so we know in real-time. Your family and friend will let you know too.

Getting Paid in USD from Abroad

How do you get paid? I send commissions out via Paypal daily – usually around 9pm-10pm.

You will recieve your payout on the day of your move, or the next.

For more info, email [email protected]

On the subject line, put Expat in (country you are in) Available. I will respond within 24 hours. If you found this article in an expat group, please let me know which group you found it in.

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