IMMUJER condemns murder of Mazatlan Oxxo worker


The event occurred on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The director of the Municipal Institute for Women, María del Carmen Ramírez Morales, lamented the murder of a young woman while working as a cashier at an Oxxo, in the Venadillo neighborhood.

IMMUJER condemns murder of Oxxo worker

The incident occurred on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

“Although everything indicates that the circumstances of this unfortunate fact that occurred today, although they were not gender issues but are derived from social criminality and what has already become common in our society due to the loss of values,” she said.

Ramírez Morales reiterated that as a woman and representative of her gender in Mazatlán, she condemns all acts of violence against women, especially if the murder of the self-service cashier is generating and violating Human Rights.

“Our position is the same as always, to demand that the authorities and the judicial authorities investigate, clarify, do justice. I insist, this act is reprehensible, reprehensible,” she insisted.

The municipal official urged citizens to work together in the culture of non-violence.

He commented that in recent days there have been 10 cases with different types of violence and of them, the majority are of psychological violence and have occurred in the settlements of Pradera Dorada.

‘How do I tell the girl that you are gone?’, Cries April’s husband, Oxxo cashier murdered in Mazatlán

Abril was the mother of a girl, and the wife of Eduardo, with whom she had future plans

'How do I tell the girl that you are gone?', Cries April's husband, Oxxo cashier murdered in Mazatlán

April’s life was taken from her, her desire to get ahead, and her dream of seeing her daughter grow up.

November 25th, it was around 10:00 am, when an unknown person accessed the Oxxo where Abril worked as a cashier, in the El Venadillo neighborhood. She was a robber and she did not object to the robbery, yet the man took her life.

Mazatlán mourned the loss of April because the event occurred on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Her husband, Eduardo Gámez, wrote a text dedicated to Abril, with whom she conceived a girl.

“Today I have to love you to heaven, you don’t know the horrible pain I’m going through. Nobody prepared me for this, we had my whole life ahead of me, why you, my girl? How did you explain I will love you all my life, I will never forget you because you leave someone who will remind me of you all my life. I swear to you that I will do everything to raise our daughter, sometimes God it’s so unfair, I would like someone to tell me why you, I LOVE YOU TO THE SKY MY BEAUTIFUL CHUBBY! “he wrote.

Through social networks, Mazatlecos ask for justice for April.

Family and friends say that she was a very hard-working woman who did not deserve to fall into the hands of criminals, they demand justice and that those responsible not be released from jail

“I remember Abril as a very responsible person, from her childhood to her last days, as a very fighter for her education and to raise her daughter, together with her husband,” said a close friend of the young woman, after this Wednesday two alleged assailants took her life when she was working.

According to Rita Tirado, a close friend of the family, Abril had already given all the money to the people who decided to rob the Oxxo, which minutes before she was having breakfast with her sister, so she does not understand why they took her away. the life of a young woman, professional, mother, and family wife.

“She all the time tried to improve herself, she has several siblings and she studied. He married young, just the same but kept going. I remember her since I was little as a very responsible girl… you did feel like you were safe with her and… I will remember her forever ”.

Angélica Uribe, the aunt of the murdered young woman, demanded justice on behalf of Abril’s daughter, her husband, and her mother since they do not have the courage to claim their feelings from the authorities.

“That justice be done because the truth is not worth that they have taken his life in this cruel way, leaving such great pain for us. Your mother, imagine two children that she lost in less than 10 days, the truth is very difficult. And don’t let him be free, let him pay, pay as he has to! ”.

Similarly, her friend Rita called on society not to take crime as an option if they are having financial problems due to the pandemic because she considered that it is not fair to take someone’s life for a few coins.


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