Mazatlan bike lanes are here “to stay”


The current administration aims to leave 40 kilometers distributed throughout the city

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The bicycle lanes in the port, whether for or against them, are already a reality; The current administration aims to leave 40 kilometers distributed throughout the city. Now, pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists have to learn to live together on public roads.

Many citizens have stated that in Mazatlán there is no culture of respect for these spaces and that the government should have contemplated this before expanding the bicycle lanes since there are almost no cyclists and there are many motorists.

The coordinator of Traffic Education, Roberto Jaime Rodríguez, mentioned that in order to create a culture of respect, it is necessary to promote the promotion of these spaces, because if there are none, how will the citizen be educated?

“The promotion of the use of this vehicle (bicycle) begins with having really exclusive spaces for the cyclist, and this is a condition of the World Sustainable Mobility Law, that the roads are equipped with circulation lanes for bicycles,” he mentioned.

He said that if the authorities are taking the decision to expand the bicycle lanes, it is because this has been recommended internationally, and citizens, regardless of whether parking spaces were removed, have no choice but to adapt to this modality and accept this condition.

The bicycle lanes are part of the beautification of Mazatlán.

However, he recognized that the cyclist, just as he has rights, also has obligations and must respect traffic signs like any car driver.

“The rules of the cyclist is that they have to bring their unit equipped with lights, a bell, that they wear a helmet, knee brace, elbow brace, use the spaces closest to the sidewalk when there is no bike lane, respect the road signs like any driver,” he acknowledged.

He added that among the benefits of using this means of transport is that it helps to lower vehicle flow, fuel consumption, also reducing the emission of polluting gases, that the ambient temperature does not increase and with it global warming.

Without parking lots, it is difficult for customers to reach businesses. 

He specified that there are still no statistics on the capacity of bicycles that circulate in the port, but he did not rule out that this data will soon be available, since the use of this medium has been increasing, mainly it has been observed in some workers in the Golden Zone.

The cyclist must be careful with traffic signs, such as respecting the colors of the traffic light, traveling in the correct direction of traffic, among others, since if they are the protagonist or incur an accident, they may also be entitled to a financial penalty, depending severity, since it is applied according to the tabulator since the offense is per individual, not per size of the vehicle.


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