Calmly, begins the commemoration of the Day of the Dead at Mazatlan cemeteries


Mazatlán.- At six in the morning of this Sunday, the surveillance and security operation began on the occasion of the Day of the Dead, in which little more than 230 elements of the Secretariat of Public Security, Municipal Transit, Civil Protection, and Subdirectorate participate. trade.

The strategy implemented by the Municipal Government is aimed, in addition to guaranteeing tranquility in the cemeteries, to compliance with the health protocols agreed for this celebration.

At the facilities of the Citizen Security Center, the SSPYTM dispatcher, Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola, gave the operating personnel instructions.

“The cemeteries were opened but by only 30%. It is not allowed to introduce intoxicating drinks, machetes, it will not be allowed to pour water into the vases to prevent the spread of dengue. We have the Covid, we are going to use the mask and keep a healthy distance, “he said.

The Civil Protection Coordinator, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, recalled that the entrance to the cemeteries is controlled by groups, and by the hour to avoid crowds.

“The cemeteries are open from six in the morning to seven in the afternoon and there are restrictions that must be respected; One of them is that the entrance to the cemeteries is determined by a certain number of visitors, with 100 people every hour and there are items that are prohibited from entering such as chairs, beach tents, ice chest, food, and drinks. You cannot burn, since the cleaning had to be done in advance, “he said.

At the access to each cemetery, the staff takes the temperature of each person, applies antibacterial gel, and gives a numbered access ticket, since there will be tours to evacuate those who exceed the time.

It should be noted that in each cemetery, an entrance door and an exit door were established, where it is indicated that for each tomb only 4 people are allowed access and 100 for each shift.


The Mazatlan Post