Mazatlan citizens to vote if Carnival 2021 will take place


It will be the people who decide if there is a carnival or not, it is our way of governing, listening to the citizens, said Benítez Torres

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, announced yesterday morning that the 2021 Mazatlán International Carnival, ‘Lanao’, A Journey in Time, will go to public consultation and it will be the people who decide whether or not it will be done.


“I advance whether or not there is a carnival will depend on a citizen consultation to the Mazatlecos, that is our way of seeing things; govern by listening to the citizens,” he reported.

Benítez Torres commented that they are already working to carry out the municipal citizen consultation as soon as possible and for the people to decide whether or not there is a carnival.

He clarified that previously he did not announce the confirmation of the event, but that it could be done with the possibility of canceling the parade.

To citizen consultation!  the realization of Carnival 2021: Chemist

“After so much controversy that there has been in relation to the celebration of the carnival, we appeal to what we believe, to the municipal citizen consultation,” he added.

The municipality did not give a date to start with this consultation, but he did say that it will be on Sundays so that people go out to vote, in addition to promoting it, and “the Mazatlan say yes or no Carnival,” he concluded.


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