Mazatlan Carnival without a parade is a “joke”, say citizens


* They express that it is illogical and the ideal is to cancel Mazatlán’s Carnival 2020

* They consider that the parade is the essence of a carnival

After the mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres announced that there would be a carnival, but “without a parade”, this to avoid crowds on the boardwalk.

Citizens expressed that a carnival without a parade would not have a ‘joke’. They considered that the parade is the essence of the maximum Mazatlan party.

Therefore, they pointed out that it is illogical for the town’s maximum party to be held since the ideal would be to cancel it due to the situation in the country as a result of the coronavirus.

“What’s the point of having a carnival without a parade? it is better that they cancel it, they should not be planning anything because of how we are “. “It’s a joke if there is no parade, it is attractive, people go to the parade because it is the most important thing,” said citizens.

They also commented that it would be pointless to skip the parade if the rest of the carnival activities would take place.

“You can’t do a parade, but, as Olas Altas fills up, there is no way they can say that only 30 percent of people, it is impossible to control”, “it is illogical to think that you want to hold a carnival.”

Meanwhile, on November 15, the Institute of Culture will announce the protocol that will be implemented.


The Mazatlan Post