Women in Mazatlan feel violated and discriminated against


Mazatlán, Sin.- Rita Tirado, one of the founders of the Perlas del Pacífico collective, lamented that the fight for the eradication of violence against women and the demonstrations in favor of the decriminalization of abortion is becoming politicized in Mazatlán since she assured that this social movement is 100% originally created by women and for women and that no man is orchestrating it, but rather follows a global, national and international agenda to oppress women.

He clarified that the calls and demonstrations of the Perlas del Pacífico collective have always been peaceful, but in the last two, they have received attacks and repression from elements of Public Security and the Tourist Attention and Protection Center (Capta).

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” We have never summoned to violate buildings or third parties, what happened on September 28 was outrageous, we suffered verbal attacks, we were repressed, violated, cordoned off, insulted, harassed and discriminated against, ” she said.

She said that as a collective they will continue to attend to the global agenda of the feminist movement and will join the actions and protests against the red lights of the community, including the demand of families displaced by violence.

She indicated that the alleged damage to the Municipal Palace facilities was painting hands on the external pillars of the building with water paint and placing a green handkerchief on the monument to the Mazatleca Woman. In response, they received aggression from police officers who cordoned them off, from teasing and verbal assaults to pushing, harassment, and repression.

She recalled that that day, September 28, they arrived at 5:00 in the afternoon at the esplanade of the Republic square, and by then there were about 30 agents of Public Security, Capta and Firefighters, at first only spectators, but later they cordoned off the area and they made fun of them.

“In the Palace, the only thing that happened were verbal attacks, mockery and laughter, at first scattered, but later they cordoned us off, from there we went to the monument to the Mazatleca Woman, as the demonstration had already ended, many went home, but a group of 20 of us were from 6:00 to 8:30 more or less, about two hours there, all that time we were repressed, insulted, violated, harassed, and discriminated against, “she said.


There were few police officers at the monument to the Mazatleca Woman, but more arrived later, they put up a barrier and formed blocks around them, while they gave a speech against femicides and concluded with a minute of silence in honor of the victims.

At least 10 patrols arrived with 50 preventive agents and 8 more on motorcycles.

Members of the Perlas del Pacífico collective fight for the eradication of violence against women. Photo: Courtesy | Pearls of the Pacific

“ When they cordoned us off, the assaults began, the policemen mockingly made sounds like imitating flatulence, the policemen began to act violently, some of the girls began to kick them in the lower part of the back to get them off the esplanade, I saw because I was next to them, it was a clear violation of human rights and abuse of authority, ” she said.

Rita Tirado overheard one of the agents say: “Get them”, while kicking one of them. Another one, when they saw that a girl under 15 years old, the sister of one of the protesters, lay backwards on the esplanade of the monument, they told her: “ How easy you spread your legs…

“ I was personally told fat, that instead of being there I should be exercising,”, she recalls.

More than one, especially minors, began to feel fear of being harassed by the police, so they decided to withdraw in groups, but even so, several of them were followed on motorcycles at a distance.

” There is photographic evidence and videos of all this, they followed them on motorcycles, chasing them and staring at them, there is a video where one agent says to the other: ‘I would totally f… one of these bitches’

Rita wonders what was the reason for this repression, this had never happened before in other demonstrations.

The women in Mazatlan feel that there may be an order from the federal government to repress any type of demonstration that involves feminist groups.

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