In Mazatlán, the Pino Suárez market recovers its sales


“Since July 1, when the holiday period began and the doors of non-essential businesses were opened in the “José María Pino Suárez” municipal market, sales have recovered 70 percent compared to the levels registered before the Covid-19 pandemic”, declared Alejandro Ontiveros Arámburo.

“And since the holiday period ended, to the surprise and approval of the vast majority of tenants, sales have been maintained, especially rebounding from Friday to Monday,” declared the general secretary of the Union of Tenants of the Municipal Market José Maria Pino Suarez.

He pointed out that the fact that they allowed them to open more doors in the building has helped them in the arrival of customers, since from April 1 to June 30, when the Covid-19 traffic light remained red and only the opening of essential businesses was allowed, they had two doors open, and today they have 5 of 8.

With this, he said, the entry of people is facilitated and invites everyone to come in through the nearest door, without having to go around the entire property, which has increased the number of customers.

Ontiveros Arámburo predicted that sales will remain at levels of 70 percent, which is acceptable.

He considered that perhaps there will not be the same number of foreign visitors residing here for up to six months, since there are travel restrictions imposed by the United States Government on its citizens, and entry restrictions imposed by the Government of Mexico too.

However, he is confident that with the celebrations that are to come, such as the Day of the Dead and later the December holidays, sales will not drop below 70 percent, and things will tart to pick up little by little.

“The celebrations will now be moderate, crowds will not be allowed, but in any case the weekends and the holidays generate movement, and that is good news for the Tenants of the Municipal Market José Maria Pino Suarez. ” he concluded.

Source: Noroeste

The Mazatlan Post