Mazatlans ‘Malecón de los Pobres’ begins in 3 weeks at the Estero del Infiernillo


The work that includes lighting, replacement of the hydrosanitary drainage pipe, will last two months

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- In twenty-five days the work to beautify the Circunvalación avenue or also known as the ‘Malecon de Los Pobres’, ” boardwalk for the poor “ announced the director of Development and Social Welfare of the City Council, Tonatiuh War Martinez.

The municipal official said that the State Government will launch the call, where 35 million pesos will be invested in bipartisan participation.

Listo proyecto de Avenida Circunvalación.

“In fact, the State Government is going to carry out the bidding process, there was the commitment that came out in these fifteen days, that is, this week or the week that the bidding begins, because remember that we are tied to the question of the demonstration of the environmental impact that was sent to Mexico, “he added.

In three weeks the work 'Malecón de los Pobres' begins in the Estero del Infiernillo

Guerra Martínez stressed that once the project has started, it will be completed in two months because it will be a twelve-meter construction site and there will be ample space for work.

He also explained that the avenue will run on the side of the houses so that the other part is not impacted.


“If we pave the other side of the street, it will already be safeguarded, because people will no longer live, that area will be protected and they will be able to rehabilitate what has to do with tree planting, water rehabilitation and the improvement of the ecological system, “he said.


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