Puerto Vallarta beaches packed with tourists and locals over the weekend


It is 7 in the afternoon, and at this time Los Muertos beach and Olas Altas beach are completely full, which even looks like Easter.

Right now there are a lot of tourists and entire families enjoying the beach and the waves .

To liven up the atmosphere, there is a band, timpani and music of all kinds, a very happy atmosphere is felt .

It is important to mention that the economy is also activated and there are vendors working between the umbrellas, offering their products and this is good news because without a doubt the improvement of the economy is good for our city.

There is no doubt that people were eager for the beaches of Puerto Vallarta to open, otherwise those of Nayarit, which are still closed.

This is a reason why many people from the sister municipality come to hang out and enjoy the sea. People are eager to go out and this shows.

By the way, we must mention one very important thing, there is no garbage on the beach or waste thrown away, which means that there are also interesting things to talk about, such as the issue of cleaning the beaches and people continue to maintain them like that. .

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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