Government and Businessmen differ on Playa Espíritu, Teacapán Sinaloa direction


* It was always a bad investment

* The viable thing is that it is sold

If you are not careful, you can badly sell the lands of Playa Espíritu, in Teacapán, said Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, who says that since the first visit of the President of the Republic to Sinaloa he told him that those millionaire resources should have been invested in Mazatlán. “There was a bad investment made from the beginning,” he emphasized.

Ordaz Coppel was this morning on a surprise visit to the docks of the Bonfil Park to talk with fishermen about the shrimp and diesel fishing crisis, and where he asked the reporters about the eventual “raffle” of the thousands of hectares that bought for the CIP of Teacapán in the government of President Felipe Calderón, the president pointed out: – “There they spent about 200 million dollars, that is, more than four billion pesos; how much would not be done here in Mazatlán with that money in infrastructure, drainage, water supply, roads; fate will be well advanced … “

The President of the Republic seeks to raffle those lands, he asked himself and Ordaz Coppel pointed out that there are several options and one of them is the sale, although with this crisis there are not many businessmen to enter it; no planes arrive, no airport … So, I say that the best thing is to invest in Mazatlán ”.

The governor indicated that Mazatlán is a traditional destination and that, despite this, Fonatur has not turned to see it, so we need to invest more in the city and port.

Teacapán CIP sold to Entrepreneurs

The Teacapán CIP project is good, positive, but if the government of President López Obrador is not interested in selling it or ripping it off, and those who buy should detonate that beautiful area that already has hotels, a Malecón, and tourist infrastructure, Canaco vice president Guillermo Romero said.

In the interview, the former leader of the state Fecanaco acknowledged that Felipe Calderón’s federal government paid one hundred million dollars for more than 2,300 hectares on the best beaches in Sinaloa, in Playa Espíritu, but another government arrived and did not inject him more resources in this project to reactivate tourism, the economy and support the people of the south of the state with its municipalities Escuinapa and El Rosario.

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Romero stressed that the initial project was very good, but the Peña Nieto government abandoned it, and now President Andrés Manuel López Obrador questions it and wants to sell or raffle those lands; There has even been an interest from a businessman, Chávez, from Grupo Vidanta, to buy these vast properties off the coast of the Mexican Pacific.

If this project is detonated with interested businessmen and hoteliers, it has a future and will give a lot of employment to the southern municipalities; “I see it as positive,” insisted the organized trade leader.

He added that that area in Teacapán already has first-rate hotels, has a beautiful Malecón, and has the infrastructure and invested resources, but if it is not a priority for the current federal government and there are no resources for other projects, then that land should be sold to trigger the areas economic development

Fracasa en Sinaloa “nuevo Cancún”

He added that it will not be a competition for Mazatlán because we are an hour and 30 minutes away and also our port has great attractions and with a new image with the new avenues, the embellishment of the Malecón, and many other things.

The President of the Republic himself recognizes that Mazatlán is very beautiful and that the Teacapán CIP is developed as another project with a life of its own for the benefit of southern Sinaloa.


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