Crocodile kidnapped! and they take it on a motorcycle (video)


They broadcast a video showing when three young people take the reptile out of the estuary in Sinaloa

Navolato, Sinaloa.- A group of young people captured a crocodile, tied it up, threw it on the motorcycle, and took it away.

Through social networks, the video was broadcast in which at least three young people are observed taking the reptile out of the Las Aguamitas estuary, in Navolato, Sinaloa.

“Pull him! Pull him! It’s very heavy ”, you hear one say.

After a first unsuccessful effort to get the crocodile out. “No mames…! Okay…! Go get the motorcycle ”, indicates another of the young people.

In the material shared on social networks, it is not observed how they removed the reptile. In the second shot, the young people are already on their motorcycles. One of them goes on the crocodile. “Why the hell … do you take a video of me jaiba?”

Crocodile kidnapped!  and they take it on a motorcycle

The only thing that is known is that after the young people took the crocodile they traveled along the El Vergel-Las Aguamitas highway.

The Navolato authorities are investigating the incident and are looking for the young people to find the whereabouts of the crocodile and determine responsibilities.


The Mazatlan Post