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Although hopes were kept of being able to receive NASCAR this year at the Super Oval Chiapas, it was finally confirmed that they will not touch these lands during this calendar, as they defined that the venues in which they have completed so far, will be the ones that will remain for complete the season, waiting to know the 2021 calendar and find out if the leadership of the national serial includes the Chiapas headquarters.

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So far, NASCAR has raced in Querétaro, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosí, and Puebla, venues where the health issue has been controlled, in which the teams have confessed, having felt comfortable working without exposures, reasons that led Nascar to define that this year they will be the only venues to compete, defining an atypical cycle, a season that has not been easy and that led to extreme decisions, such as leaving out several important venues for the series, including Chiapas.

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It would be in mid-May when NASCAR had to visit the Chiapas Super Oval, however, since March precautions began to be taken in all sporting events nationwide and the series could not even start as originally agreed. They had to wait to see how the pandemic was analyzed in the country, always considering the dates that were already agreed; However, the months advanced and the calendar had to be reorganized, with various options, the only one that remained, that of starting with the first three appointments, in the experimental phase and upon achieving success, the following were scheduled, but with the limitation of the use of the venues with more caution.

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After playing a double date in Puebla, NASCAR plans to repeat the formula in Querétaro for the first days of next month, while San Luis Potosí will receive the eighth date on October 22 and the ninth will be in Aguascalientes on November 7, leaving everything ready for the penultimate and last date in Querétaro again, in the month of November and the grand final would be run on December 19 in Puebla, thus concluding with an atypical serial.

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