Because of AMLO’s bad decisions: 60% of the shrimp fleet in Mazatlán will not sail


Francisco Castillo López mentioned that everything is a consequence of the decisions of President López Obrador against the fishing sector

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – A few days before the start of the fishing season in marine waters of the Pacific Ocean, the docks of the Alfredo V. Bonfil Industrial Park register jobs in less than sixty percent of the vessels and there is an announcement that many shipowners are looking to sell their boats, declared Francisco Javier Castillo López.  

Pescadores intensifican trabajo, hoy sale flota camaronera | EL DEBATE

The leader of the Civil Association, Fishing Shelter and Administration of the Bonfil Park asserted that this is the result of the bad decisions of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador not wanting to grant benefits to the fishing sector when the industrialists are the ones who generate jobs and the income of foreign exchange to the country with the commercialization of their products abroad.  

“It is critical for fishermen because obviously they will no longer have their jobs, for the maquiladoras, the majority of which are heads of families, they will not be able to have their jobs and generate money to bring food home”. 

He mentioned that just as there are entrepreneurs who are putting their boats up for sale because they do not have the resources or profitability to carry out the activity, there is hopelessness among fishermen and women workers in shrimp procesing plants, as the main affected by not having employment with which to bring sustenance to their homes.  

Castillo López said that they foresee a critical season because fishing is not going to have the same production or volumes of other years and with a negative effect on everything it triggers in the fishing sector, such as jobs, suppliers and supplies; because there are no conditions for shipowners to pay twenty pesos a liter of marine diesel.  


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