Tourism in Sinaloa falls 15 percent during the summer


* Mazatlan had an economic loss of 1, 989 million pesos

* Of 156 cruise ships only 32 arrived at the port.

The Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Óscar Pérez Barros, released the results of the reactivation of tourism in Sinaloa after the closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It revealed that tourism had a 15 percent drop compared to 2019; This holiday period left an estimated economic spill of 2,600 million pesos throughout the state.

“The results of the summer 2020 include the months of July and August given the situation of Covid-19; we have reports 899 thousand 713 arrival of tourists to the different destinations, which represents 15 percent less than the vacation period last year; the average occupancy in the state was 37 percent in July and in August we reached 49 percent; the estimated economic benefit is 2,674 million pesos in the state ”.

He also expressed that Mazatlán was the most visited destination in the months of July and August with an average occupancy of 40 percent.

He specified that Mazatlán had a 10 percent drop in the arrival of tourists to the port in relation to last year with an economic spill of 1, 989 million pesos; a pretty good figure despite the conditions that are experienced.

“Obviously, the most visited destination was Mazatlán with an average occupancy in July of 40 percent, while in August we reached an average occupancy of 56 percent. During the week we maintained an average of 40 and on weekends we reached 75 percent; the arrival of tourists was 683 thousand 013, which represents a decrease of ten percent in tourist arrivals, we can fall and with everything we have gone through it is not so drastic. “

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The Secretary reported that 32 out of 156 cruise ships reached Mazatlán; He specified that if no cruise ships arrive this year, Mazatlán will lose income of up to 36 million dollars.

“Until March 2020, 35 cruise ships arrived in Sinaloa with an economic benefit of more than 150 million pesos; the predicted for Mazatlán was 156, the actual arrivals we had were for Mazatlán 32 and Topolobampo 3; They have not been reactivated, there is no date, if no cruise ship arrives, up to 36 million dollars will have been lost ”.

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