Mazatlan lighthouse zip line project faces obstacles


Mazatlan Sinaloa

As long as the possession of the Lighthouse and the roundabouts of the Paseo del Centenario is not defined, if it is federal or municipal, the zip line project will continue to stop, considered the tourist entrepreneur Giancarlo Parolari.

He said that the zip line is still a great project, but it has not proceeded because the issue of the areas has not yet been defined, whether they are federal or municipal, and this year, the Covid issue did not help them in the procedures or in the processes or in the times.

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“Definitely the work or the project is a great project for the city, it is a great project for the municipality, for the destination, but now, we hope that time passes a little, we know that there are other projects planned for it in advance. zone, so now that everything is for the good of the destination … The complete investment had already been made, all the lines, the departure and arrival platforms, everything, and it is even here in Mazatlán. We only hope to install it, but hey, it was not achieved and it has not been achieved so far, but we hope it will be favorable in the future ”, explained the promoter of this project.

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The tour operator, cruise ship, and air wholesaler in Mazatlán trusted that this zip line project will be rescued for the good of the destination because it would be an incredible attraction.

Giancarlo Parolari stressed that the estimated investment was over 30 million pesos, which had already been invested the majority, including the drillers, the builders, since the materials that are required have already been in Mazatlán for years.

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He affirmed that he has already approached with Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres from the beginning with an excellent opening, however, the gap persists around the possession of the areas both of the exit that is in the Lighthouse, and the arrival that is in the Glorieta Germania.


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