Jazz and rock! At the Hay Festival Querétaro 2020


September 4, 2020

The quartet that makes up the jazz-rock ensemble Mantis Atea, offered the first concert of the Hay Festival Querétaro, in its first digital edition.

Hay Festival Querétaro, México

Although it presented several technical flaws in terms of sound – the same that was claimed in the transmission – it made the fans of this musical genre vibrate.

After 9:00 p.m. this Wednesday, Felipe Muñoz (guitar), Daniel Chávez (bass), Isaac Villagómez (drums) and Juan Manuel Arévalo (percussion), began to offer a sound experience with the interpretation of several of their musical hits , among which stood out: Fire Head, Kaleidoscope, Rare Songo and Pacify.

Jazz rock lovers from countries such as Colombia, Peru, the United States and Mexico, for more than 40 minutes accompanied this musical group through the zoom application, through which they sent messages of support and appreciation for their performances.

During the presentations of the songs to be interpreted, the artists highlighted that one of their main objectives in this profession has been to generate moments of great freedom to do individual and collective improvisations.

The jazz rock ensemble Mantis Atea emerged in Querétaro in 2013, under the influence of musicians who fed their jazz training to the rhythm of Miles Davis, Tony Williams, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Bela Bartok and Frank Zappa.

Hay Festival contará con tres premios nobel este 2020

It should be remembered that the Hay Festival Querétaro is a cultural and ideas festival for all audiences that celebrates the arts and sciences through inclusive, accessible, and playful events. The Hay Festival Querétaro is defined by the dissemination of culture and social commitment.

Source: noticiasdequeretaro.com.mx

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