Mazatlan Mayor announces the arrival of multipurpose drones


* There will be no sanitizer truck due to its high cost, worth $ 7 million

After having announced the municipal president about the acquisition of multipurpose drones in recent weeks, today it is a reality, Mazatlán has them.

Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, expressed that they are already there and they will not have any cost because there are people who trust them.

“I do not know the number, but we already have them, we changed suppliers because they showed us better drones, stronger and with greater capacity and they do the same and at no cost,” he reported.

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Regarding the sanitizer truck that was disinfecting in recent days in some parts of the city, the mayor said that it will not be acquired due to its high cost and right now there is no money to make that expense.

“They only came to give us a sample, we have no resources to acquire it, it costs 7 million pesos, right now no asset is authorized for the city, it was only loaned for a few days,” he clarified.

On whether there are possibilities of acquiring it, the chemist assured that there are none.


The Mazatlan Post