Doña Aurelia’s “Churros” a culinary legend in Southern Sinaloa


Los Churros de Doña Aurelia are a true legend from the South of the state.
Its small and simple establishment has become a must-see for tourists in the municipality of Escuinapa for the last two decades

There is no Escuinapense who has not come to enjoy a churro with ceviche at Doña Aurelia’s.

Escuinapa, Sinaloa.- People of Escuinapa and tourists who visit the municipality for more than 20 years, they all agee that the quality of the product offered gives a great distinction to Doña Aurelia, a working woman from this “shrimp fishing community”, who has turned their sierra ceviches served in those hard shells known as “duros” or “churros” into a tradition.

Willing to fight for the future of her family, Aurelia Armas Farías had to innovate the idea of ​​selling something in order to feature competitive advantage that could make her product unique, and that would obviously help her earn more money, and without scarce resources she was able to innovate and come out with an exclusive creation.

A vegetable chopping board and her dreams were the tools the lady “grabbed and used” on to make this southern recipe come true.

“I started selling and people started to come more and more, little by little more people got to know me, I don’t know what happened, they liked it so much that I had to put tables outside my house in order to be able to receive more dinners, ” she says.

Escuinapa is located 92 kilometers (58 miles) southeast of Mazatlan (INEGI)

Aurelia assures that the greatest satisfaction she can have today is to get her clients to return, after the Covid-19 pandemic, to the fresh bower of her business, located a few steps from the Buñigas stream, just across the river, in Escuinapa, Sinaloa.

“We are open every day”, she adds.

Full of pride, Doña Aurelia thanks everyone who visits her to try her snacks and who also recommends them.

Excited, she remembers that life sometimes gets difficult, but never impossible for those who want to improve their way of life, because she, like others, was able to rise from the ashes after her business completely caught fire back in 2004.

Those were difficult moments that I was able to overcome with the help of God, little by little I started from scratch all over again, says Doña Aurelia.

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And now with the Covid-19 pandemic, Dola Aurelia has also lived very complicated months, because she could not open her business until the authorities authorized her to do so.

With all the preventive measures, Doña Aurelia continues to operate in Escuinapa these days, and her “Churros” are as successfull as ever.

Although her sales are not the same as before, she hopes that things will change soon so that the economic situation can improve not only for her but for all the people of Escuinapia.

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