Sinaloa’s five main cities will receive new traffic lights


In Sinaloa there are about 550 crossroads with traffic lights, of which more than 50 percent have already completed their useful life, hence the problems they have, recognized the director of Roads and Transportation

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The Directorate of Roads and Transportation is preparing a project to renew 50 cruise ships and the installation of new traffic lights in 10 more, located in the main cities of the state , reported its owner, Feliciano Valle Sandoval.  

The official revealed that in Sinaloa there are about 550 crossroads with traffic lights , of which more than 50 percent have already reached their useful life, hence the problems for the control and flow of traffic on the most important roads .  

The project is to locate these road devices in the cities of Los Mochis, Guasave, Guamúchil, Culiacán and Mazatlán , giving preference to the sectors with the highest number of vehicles that have caused fatal accidents.

We are in the first stage of renewing around 50 and signaling 10 more cruises , we are in that management and we hope that it will soon be a reality,” he confided.  

The director of Roads and Transport of the State Government, Feliciano Valle , admitted that all year round they have problems with the operation of the traffic lights, but they are exacerbated in the rainy season due to winds and power cuts , in addition to the lack of personnel and vehicular equipment to deal with motorist complaints.  

Finally, he regretted that this year there have been more problems with the Federal Electricity Commission  


The Mazatlan Post