Going to the bank in Mazatlán is a real odyssey


People have to arrive at dawn to get a turn. It is annoying and tiring, but citizens are aware that they have to take care of their health.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (August 16, 2020).- “Making a procedure in a banking institution in the midst of the pandemic becomes a true field trip”, declared María Trinidad Hernández.

The lady highlighted that she left her house when it was still dark to stand in line outside the bank. It was 05:30 hours and there were already more than 20 people out the bank door.

The bank opened at 09:00 hours and entry was slow. By noon, Trinidad Hernández was still not able to enter the banking institution to carry out her procedure.

Like Maria, dozens of people spend a large part of the day standing in line just to make a simple transaction.

Senior citizens Joel Ríos and Rosario Martínez agree that it is annoying and tiring to be outside the institution for hours, but it is the only way to reduce the risk of infection.

The man explained that it is not easy to have to endure the high temperatures of the Mazatleco summer outside the bank. He felt he was about to faint while waiting for their turn to collect their monthy pension.

“We must stand in line to get to the window to have access to our pension. This is the second day “that I’m here, yesterday I couldn’t enter the bank” Joel said while covering his face with a newspaper.

People of all ages suffer the long wait. Those who suffer the most are the elderly. Some arrive with a stool or chair t obe able to sit down while they wait, while others just stand in line for hours, waiting for their turn to enter the bank.

People carry umbrellas, hats, caps, and sunblock to protect themselves from the sun. In some banks, people can stand in line under the shade of a tree. But with temperatures of 34 degrees Celsius and thermic sensation of 39, the wait becomes a torture.

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