Sinaloa heat plus humidity… bring out one of the most lethal scorpions!


Annually, dozens of people lose their lives in Mexico due to the powerful venom of scorpions and scorpions; before a picket do not waste time and go immediately to receive medical attention

Burrows under the ground, plants, between bricks, in your sheets, clothes, shoes! Any place is good for scorpions or scorpions to stay this season.

The heat and humidity are ideal to start the reproduction of these arachnids that, year after year, leave a significant number of deaths due to their powerful poison.

And it is precisely in Sinaloa, where one of the most lethal, the Nixous or better known as “scorpion from Nayarit”, is found, which “walked” and extends its territory.

Centruroides noxius is a species of scorpion from the Buthidae family native to Mexico; is considered extremely dangerous in terms of its poison

In nature it lives in warm places with relatively poor humidity. It is of twilight habits, that is to say, it comes out of its hiding places in the early hours of the morning and late in the afternoon to feed, to rest they hide under rocks or in crevices in the wall or infrequently in openings in trees; the risk is when they enter your house and use your bed, your clothes or shoes to hide.

How does the sting of a scorpion or scorpion feel?
Each person has a different level of sensitivity, but in most cases they indicate that it feels like a pin that suddenly enters your body; something hot runs through your body and immediately you start to feel a tingling that does not stop and makes you numb.

Basic symptoms are cramps, numbness of tongue, fingers or purple mouth, when this happens, the poison runs through your body, until you feel suffocation and a lot of difficulty breathing, with a rapid heartbeat.

The attack of a hurricane in a child, due to its weight and size, is practically lethal if it is not attended in the first minutes; the same happens with older adults and pregnant women.

Local symptoms are:
– Pain and burning sensation
– Redness
– Sensation of numbness or anesthesia around the bite
– Fibrillary muscle contractions
– Salivation
– Vomiting
– Diarrhea
– Generalized excitement and trembling accompanied by constant crying or moaning (more common in children)

Systemic symptoms:
– Pale skin and sweat
– Fever and then hypothermia
– Headache, vertigo, agitation and delirium
– Salivation
– Lacrimation
– Vomiting
– Diarrhea
– Blurred vision and rapid eye movements
– Tachycardia

What to do when faced with a scorpion or scorpion sting?
The bite of an arachnid of this type should not be allowed to pass for anything in the world, since life is in imminent risk due to the inflammation that the venom causes and that can lead to respiratory and cardiac arrest.

Mayo Clinic doctors recommend doing two main things at the time of the bite: apply ice and see a doctor quickly.

“If possible, the animal should also be captured, because looking at the animal, the diagnosis can be made that confirms that it is a toxic scorpion. In this case there is a specific anti-scorpion serum, which is very effective ”, indicate specialists.

How to avoid a scorpion sting?
Cleaning is basic, avoid hosts, shake clothing and accessories, such as shoes, bags; remove debris and minimally at the beginning of the season, carry out fumigation work against these arachnids.

Shake your bedding, clothes, towels daily, and if you suspect the presence of scorpions in your home, it is important to control the entry and exit of pipes, use mosquito nets in the openings, and repair cracks and fractures in the walls.


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