Clandestine drag races continue in Mazatlan on Cerritos and Peche Rice ave


Transit investigates the agents who took photos with the alleged people who carried out these activities on the boardwalk

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Dragons are not allowed in any part of the city due to the risk they entail and in said that in the case evidenced in social networks, the surveillance was not neglected but that upon receiving the report they acted immediately, but the units could not be found.

Inhiben “arrancones” en el bulevar Bicentenario - El Sol de Salamanca

“It was not neglected. That day a colleague reported us and did not bring a portable radio, but by phone. We had the closest unit on the south side of the Aquarium and it was circulating to the south. From here to that it returned, for that type of vehicle, if it takes advantage of us. It was radiating, through a video surveillance camera from C4 we were checking, but we could not locate it. We are not going to lower our guard, we are going to continue working on the implementation of strategies to avoid such events. We are going to do the shift changes in a way that does not affect certain parts of the city such as the boardwalk ”, he indicated.

Están mal los arrancones, pero tratamos de no molestar' | Periódico AM

Francisco Guerra González, revealed that there are already two points located on José Luis “Peche” Rice avenues and Sábalo Cerritos, where groups of motorists and motorcyclists have been detected clandestinely carrying out drag runs, some of which have been given infringement tickets.

Therefore, he asked the public that if it detects this type of practice, to report it immediately in order to act accordingly.

Tránsito Municipal no encontró los vehículos que realizaron ...

Regarding the images of Traffic agents with public figures allegedly related to the units that circulated along the boardwalk, he added that the case is already being investigated to apply, if necessary, the corresponding disciplinary corrective, although those involved indicated that the graphics They were taken at a different time and that they were unaware of the incident that had been recorded since it was evidenced a day later.


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