CP review security protocols in the construction of the new Mazatlan aquarium


Mazatlan.- The Municipal Civil Protection Coordination verified this Saturday the security systems implemented by the companies that participate in the construction of the new Mazatlán Aquarium.

The Manager of Industrial and Environmental Safety of KinGu, Cecilia Becerra guided a tour of the works of what will be the Ocean Tank, Coral Tank and Aviary, where the works at height and falsework were verified.

Jehovan Rivera Delgado head of inspection and regulations of Municipal Civil Protection explained that part of the work of this agency is the review of security measures implemented by construction companies.

“We are making a visit to the facilities of the new Aquarium to review security measures as it was one of the tasks of our mayor, Chemist Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres. The important points were the work at height, in confined spaces, it was checked that the extinguishers are pressurized and are in a condition so that at the time they are occupied. The Covid protocol was also checked to prevent contagion. Everything is signposted. One of the details that was observed is that the signs are in very small sizes, they were given the recommendation to make them larger for display by all. The company that carries out the security issues is very aware of the work that is being carried out and that is complying with the security measures, ”he mentioned.

The progress of work in what will be the new Aquarium of Mazatlan is just over 35%; it currently has 23-meter high walls in which 265 workers currently participate.

The supervision tour, in the old Forest of the city, was also attended by staff from the State Tourism Secretariat.

Source: pmxportla.com

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