Mazatlan Pino Suarez Mercado receives considerable presence of tourism


However, it is not reflected in sales for tenants

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- A large turnout of tourists could be observed this half-day walking the corridors of the municipal market Pino Suárez, visiting, mainly, the places with the sale of handicrafts, souvenirs.

Numerous groups of families toured post by post where they could find all kinds of souvenirs at affordable prices and of good quality, a distinctive feature of this venue

Although there is a good influx, that does not mean that there are also good sales. Paty, mentions that tourists come very economically measured, considers that what they wanted, rather, was to get rid of the confinement and leave home.

“Do not think that they are spending a lot, rather what they wanted was to get out of their house, they are very measured, it is that there is no money, but at least people are already seen , ” he said.

Luis records sales of 40% on weekends, but says that it is nothing compared to living in previous years where they reached up to 200%.

“You have to consider, we are in a pandemic, those three, four months without working, people are without money,” he said.

Leaving comments that the large influx of visitors is due to the fact that more entrances and exits have been released in the market, because before, to avoid surrounding and seeking access, they decided to leave.

“There is not enough tourism for all the competition and the tourism that is coming does not buy to notice an upturn. Right now there are more accesses, people are more encouraged to enter and walk through all the stalls, ” he said.

Tourism comes mainly from the neighboring states of Dona and Durango and Chihuahua, but also from Coahuila and Nuevo León.


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