Without fear of Covid, a family celebrates Quinceñera with 800 guests


A family decided to hold a Quinceñera party with more than 800 guests last weekend in the Pabellón de Arteaga municipality, in Aguascalientes. 

According to  Excelsior , municipal police officers tried to stop the party, however, the quinceañera’s mother asked the authorities for permission, and asked the people to leave.

Martha Magdaleno Rubalcaba, mother of the fifteen-year-old, indicated that holding a party with masks, hygiene measures and with few people, however, little by little more people were arriving than she had on her list.

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“They asked me to take them out and I said I can’t take them out. How am I going to remove your plate? So we live there. They gave me a chance until six o’clock, but then I kept going because people came (…) We let people eat and then we closed the curtain, from there to the dance at around 9:30 it was because we had a lot of people at the dance and that It had to be few people and I tell them then, how do I get it ?, and it was a lot of family from us from outside. That we had to stop at 11 and we had the permit until 1 ″, he said. 

Realizan fiesta de XV años con más de 800 invitados en plena pandemia

Arnulfo Flores Jiménez, secretary of the City Council, reported that it was difficult to interrupt the celebration due to the number of people. 

“There are parties, on the weekend we reported a party with around 800 people, where the boys and their server have attended and yes, unfortunately, I have to say, that party had to be dissolved,” he said.

Clausuran fiesta de XV años por no respetar cuarentena

Mrs. Rubalcaba argued that she could not leave the guests without eating, as some traveled far to attend the party in the town of Emiliano Zapata, belonging to the municipality of Pabellón de Arteaga. 

“Note that it is okay for us to take care of ourselves, I do not take that wrong, but they also have to understand that one has to have their space, is that as I say to no one we force, people live together, people who wanted to covered and the one that didn’t, well, how do we force, I think among myself that they are exaggerating a lot ”, highlighted the mother of the quinceañera.

In addition, organizers handed out facemasks and antibacterial gel, however, some guests noted that they attended the party because, whether from coronavirus or some other disease, death is something that will occur in their lives.

“In the living room, I put their gel on them, just in case. (…) But people say “in the end, we are going to die, God is great, if this is our destiny, to die of this, of this, we are going to die,” added the mother of the fifteen-year-old.

Source: aguasdigital.com, excelsior.com.mx

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