Urgent replacement of Mazatlan trash containers on the Malecon needed


People don’t separate garbage into organic and inorganic, they mix everything

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Although 2.5 million pesos were invested in the beautification of 4 kilometers of the Malecon to improve the image of the coastal area of ​​Mazatlan, some areas of the beach continue with containers in very poor condition or that have already been completed its useful life.

Both the head of Ecology and the Environment, Lourdes Sanjuan Gallardo, and the coordinator of the Town Planning, Ecology and Public Works Commission at the Cabildo, Adalberto Valle Pérez, pointed out that some containers found on the Malecon need to be replaced or repaired, or the beach area.

The truth is that I did see there, where the drums show corrosion, I do not know if it will be necessary to change the drums or one enabled or painted, and more for the urban image 

Regidor Valle Pérez

He said that if so many resources are being invested in the beautification of the Malecon and the urban image of the city, the municipal authority must be careful in the image that is left to the tourist, if trash containers remain in poor condition, in areas of high influx.

For her part, the director of Ecology recognized that some containers already need to be exchanged for new ones, since their useful life has already ended.

He indicated that the main problem observed in the beach area is that people do not take garbage out of containers and this garbage ends up in the sea, and those who do, do not separate the waste into organic and inorganic.

People do not know, although in some areas there are containers for organic and inorganic, people do not respect that, stir and put food and all the pig in one container

Ecology Director

Sanjuan Gallardo assured that a massive awareness campaign is required in which not only the authority but also the commercial and tourist sector, participate. He insisted that it is necessary to educate people to take the garbage and remove it from the beach to place it in a container.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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