Mazatlan strengthen surveillance on beaches and Malecon


Specific actions are carried out in each color of the beach traffic light

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- With the reopening of beaches, hotels, and tourist areas in Mazatlán and due to the increase in visitors to the port, municipal authorities launched Operative Networks, in order to monitor, apply protocols and raise public awareness, in order to This will prevent an uptick in the spread of coronavirus.

Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, coordinator of Municipal Civil Protection , commented that said operation is specifically designed for the beach area and the Malecon, which also includes itinerant, semi-fixed and fixed-line merchants in the area.

Operative Networks is in charge of the surveillance, application, orientation and awareness of the citizen, specifically when going to the beach area and the Malecon, it also includes businesses that are established in the area of ​​bathers, vendors or street traders and commerce semi-fixed and fixed that are on the sidewalks of the Malecon, “he said.

The operation is coordinated in a multifunctional way and there are specific actions to be carried out as the flow of visitors, tourists or bathers increases.

“To control this, it was decided to section all the beaches of the municipality into 30 sections, each with a very specific and very specific capacity and the control of this capacity is done through the beach traffic light, which has four intensities “, said.

The lowest intensity or green color means that the beaches are freely accessible, without any restriction. When the traffic light is yellow, monitoring is done, at least every hour, of how many people enter and leave that specific area. Monitoring is done every 45 minutes.

When the color changes to orange, awareness activities are held with bathers and tourists. Street vendors are suggested not to be “stationary” and the semi-fixed and fixed seller not to have crowds of customers.

The red color means that there is already a temporary restriction of access in a certain space and the swimmer is invited to go to the other beaches that are available.

Ruiz Gastélum mentioned that decisions are made in a command center and from there all the corresponding guidelines are issued so that they are executed by those involved.

“We have a command center where the information that is being generated is analyzed in a timely manner, followed by a video surveillance system, that center is the one that makes the decisions,” he said.

He added that so far, after the reopening on July 1, there have been no major incidents with the users of these spaces.


The municipality’s beach area was divided into 30 sections.

Monitoring is done every 45 minutes.


The Mazatlan Post