New drones will rescue people from drowning and sanitize city says Mazatlans Mayor


The mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres practically assured that the drones that the municipality would rent will be first-world and that they will rescue those who are drowning on the beaches and tell people to use facemasks from a cell phone.

He explained that it will be a drone that has many functions, which is a unique model in many parts of the world.

“We are programming these drones, first to monitor beaches, monitor the entire tourist strip, but they also realize by colors when a person is emitting excess heat, they can detect it and in this way we send someone to take their temperature, If so, invite her to go see the doctor, but among other functions, it will help us sanitize the city, the beach, has a range of 3 kilometers for every 10 liters they sanitize. “

The mayor Benítez Torres assured that they will also be able to carry out aquatic rescues with the drones, and if he detects that if someone is drowning, he returns, another drone part who drops a lifeguard. He stressed that they are revolutionary things.

He clarified that they are not going to buy new equipment or set up an office, but that it is going to be an external company that will provide them with the service of drones, through a rental, because buying a drone and training people would not be easy for the City Council.

Justifica compra de drones para operativo sanitario en Mazatlán

“These people bring incredible projects, it is the first stage, then comes the security of the city, where each drone is a police officer, I do not have the name, it is more, nor did I ask him what happens is that they came to me I have been offering this project for several months, but maybe I did not have the vision to see how I could get to Mazatlan, and today it is clear to me ”.
The municipal president indicated that he wanted to land this project as soon as possible because from this drone, he could be asking the citizens to take certain care and until he uses his facemask, you can be telling people from the same cell phone.

Justifica compra de drones para operativo sanitario en Mazatlán

When asked how much would go to the Municipality, he said he did not know the amounts or the name of the company.


The Mazatlan Post