Another IMSS nurse dies from COVID-19 in Mazatlan


Another IMSS nurse dies, health personnel in Mazatlán mourn the loss

There is anger, pain, and helplessness among the local community for the loss of health professionals who die fighting for the health of citizens.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (July 21, 2020).- Workers of the Mexican Institute of Social Security IMSS, mourn the death of nurse Lizbeth Fabiola.

“We feel angry, hurt, and helpless for the loss of colleagues who die fighting for the health of citizens,” said nurse Norma.

“We were still crying the recent death of our friend and co-worker Lupita who passed away on June 26 and today Lizeth is leaving us too”, Norma continued.

Health workers make a call on the population to stay home. And if you have to go out to work attend the preventive measures.

In the General Hospital of Zone (HGZ) 3 of the IMSS and the Villa Unión unit, three nurses, a doctor and a radiologist technician have already died.

“COVID units in Mazatlan wake up every day saturated with people of all ages with symptoms of the coronavirus”, nurse Norma concluded.

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