Little production prevents fishermen from Isla de La Piedra from ‘normalizing’ activities


Paulo Tostado, leader of the fishing market of the ejido explained that there is tourism but not a product to offer them

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The return to normality has not been entirely beneficial for the fishermen of the Isla de la Piedra fishing market, since the climatic conditions have not allowed the departure of the boats, in addition, the effects of the sea have away the species that are regularly found along the Mazatlan coast.

Paulo Tostado Rosas, the fishing leader of the area, expressed that due to this, despite the return of tourists to the ejido, the economic situation is difficult for the fishermen, since they have no product to market to the stone palaperos of Isla de la Piedra and because of hence there is no income.

“Here just what comes out for the people, just a little, right now because nothing we just sell pelican, it is very thundered, but the problem with tourism is that there is a sale, but if there is no product that you are going to sell.”

He commented that the sea conditions are unfavorable for them as producers, so only a minimum part of the fleet is caught and returns with little production of species such as snapper and chigüil, which is used only to take home as family food, but not for sale.


The Mazatlan Post