Up to 60 thousand jobs will be lost in Sonora due to the Covid-19 effect


The vice president of the College of Economists pointed out that the minimum figure expected for the end of the year is 40 thousand

Around 60 thousand lost jobs are expected to be presented in total at the end of December, as a total consequence of the current contingency for Covid-19 in Sonora.

Marco Antonio Córdova, vice president of the College of Economists of Sonora, indicated that they are expected to be between 40,000 and 60,000 jobs lost in the entity, in addition that only up to the month of May, 32,700 workers had lost their job source. .

“The affectation is already from here to December, however, confirm that the sectors are reactivating and at a yellow light, Sonora is in Red, as it progresses, let’s turn to orange, there will be reactivation of some non-essential companies, so that is going to start paying positively to these companies, “he said.

Córdova explained that it is currently in an economic recession, which means a drop in the productive activity of the entity’s companies, due to the shops that are closed and which in turn causes unemployment.

“According to IMSS figures, official figures, in May more than 320 companies had been closed, more than 32,700 formal jobs had been lost, this is derived from Covid-19 and the containment policies that are applying the Federal Government and the State Government, “said the leader of the economists.

He affirmed that there is a high degree of affectation for the entity, which directly affects non-essential companies, above all, which may cause more business closings due to the lack of liquidity that they currently have.

He argued that although the first results of the economic recovery are expected to be presented between the third and fourth quarters of the year, it will be up to two years from now when the companies are expected to fully recover.

Source: elsoldehermosillo.com.mx

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