Meet the Kraken, Mazatlan FC stadium new nickname


The Mazatlán stadium already has a name!

The Kraken will be the name of the house of Mazatlán FC.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (July 7, 2020).- The Mazatlán FC team continues to be “the talk of the town”, and now the stadium has a new name. The people of Mazatlan has nicknamed the stadium “The Kraken”.

The Kraken (Clash of Titans 2010)

The Kraken, is known through Scandinavian mythology and is a monstrous and colossal marine creature that is usually illustrated as an octopus or giant squid, which traveled the seven seas and meant destruction and doom.

Despite this being a nickname, the stadium still doesn’t have an official name as such, and it will have a name before the 2020 tournament-opening kicks off on July 24.

Mazatlan FC


Through its official digital platforms, the Sinaloan team launched a dynamic for their fans to know how they can purchase game tickets and the team’s official shirt.

Here is the link for you to register and be the first to know how to get the Mazatlan FC jersey, and tickets for the games in the KRAKEN

Mazatlan FC uniform

Stay tuned for the information on how much the tickets will cost, and where you can get your official Mazatlan FC jersey.

The fans in Mazatlan are going to be an important part of the franchise of course, and they want to make all the other teams (including America and Chivas) afraid of visiting the Kraken. As it seems that Mazatlan FC will be a strong, complicated, and hard-to-beat squad every time they play at home.

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