Authorities delimitate spaces on the beaches of Mazatlán to preserve the healthy distance


The municipal authority takes measures in Los Pinitos, Olas Altas, and the Fisherman’s Monument, areas where there has been a greater influx of visitors this summer.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Given the saturation of beaches and boardwalk that has occurred in Mazatlán after the reopening of the tourism sector, the municipal authority delimits spaces in Los Pinitos, Olas Altas, and the Fisherman’s Monument.

The director of Operadora de Playas, Jorge Contreras, explained that after delimiting the spaces in the beach areas in question, the places where the umbrellas should be located, whether for rent or for individuals, will begin to be designated.

These measures are being implemented to have greater order in the use of the beaches. Also, attached to the protocol of the municipality, the healthy distance between those attending these recreational areas is prioritized.

These actions are carried out by other dependencies of the municipality, which include Oficialía Mayor, Capta and the Operadora de Playas.

On the first day of the opening of beaches, a total of 4,261 people was registered in the 22 kilometers of beaches in the port of Mazatlán, and this number has been increasing, with a greater presence in all the northern beaches and Olas Altas.

The secretary of the City Council, José de Jesús Flores Segura, stressed that in order to care for the Mazatlecos and tourists they are closely following the health protocols to reduce risks of contagion.

The official stressed that in addition to the actions carried out by the municipal authorities, the participation of the Mazatlecos and tourists is important, as he urged them to use the face mask and to keep a healthy distance at all times.

Source: Debate

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