Mayor of Mazatlan and Sinaloa Governor of the inaugurate public parking lot at ‘Acuario Mazatlan’


The Mayor assures that with this work he solves the problem of the lack of parking on Avenida Del Mar

Mazatlan.- Mayor Benitez Torres and the Governor of the State, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, inaugurated the public parking lot ‘Acuario Mazatlán‘, a space that will have at least 430 car and had an investment of 6.6 million pesos.

The afternoon of this Friday, the Mayor of Mazatlan recalled that when he arrived at the Municipal Presidency, one of the greatest annoyances of the locals was that with the reconstruction of Avenida Del Mar the parking lots disappeared, a situation that he promised to resolve and today fulfilled it.

“And then I promised a parking lot that would help solve that problem on Avenida Del Mar, and I told them that there will be buses like this panoramic one (…) at that time I felt bad because most of the critics of the city said that it was crazy, maybe they are not wrong; crazy, but not silly, and today we are doing Mazatlán, we are doing tourism, solving a big problem we had ”.

The two panoramic buses will provide free shuttle service to any point on Avenida Del Mar, to those who pay for the use of the parking lot.
The Municipal President stressed that the great works that are being done to transform the city are because he and Quirino Ordaz have done chemistry.

The public parking “Acuario Mazatlán” has lighting, green areas, sidewalks, as well as 430 car drawers, 21 boxes for people with disabilities, 7 spaces for motorcycles, 17 places for buses, and a stop for MuéveteMaz buses.
It should be noted that this is work number 111 of the 255 that Mayor Benitez Torres will deliver this year.


The Mazatlan Post