Mazatlán Aquarium opens its doors to the public


The Aquarium director Pablo Rojas Zepeda stressed that they estimate that on this re-opening day they were expecting little more than 500 attendees.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Mazatlán Aquarium opened its doors and in the first hours, 170 people entered, mostly tourists and some Mazatlecos as well.

The director Pablo Rojas Zepeda, stressed that they were expecting little more than 500 attendees.

Mazatlan Aquarium

Visitors can make reservations, or people can arrive directly at the box office. In the first week of reopening it has the promotion of three for two.

While for hospital personnel 50 percent. This recreational center, after three months, reopened and attached to sanitary measures.

Visitors go through the disinfecting tunnel, which uses a non-toxic sanitizing product, which is basically disinfectant for homes, businesses, gardens, and patios. Then comes the handwashing, and then the fun continues.

Mazatlan Aquarium

Jesica Guzmán in the company of her two children from Monterrey came to vacation in Mazatlán this week

The first thing they did was to take a walk along the beach and then they went to visit the Aquarium.

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