Mazatlan’s new roundabout on Rafael Buelna, Camaron Sabalo and Avenida Del Mar


Through social networks, the construction supervisor Enrique González Guereña published the new design of the roundabout “Glorieta”, which currently has the design of a Seagull

glorieta a la gaviota

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The glorieta “roundabout” with a fountain monument dedicated to the seagull “Gaviota” that connects Rafael Buelna, Avenida Del Mar and Camararon Sabalo will have a new image, as the construction supervisor Enrique González Guereña confirmed and revealed the new design.

“The mayor has already announced it, so I can already share them with you; this coming Friday the remodeling of one of the most emblematic points of Mazatlán begins, the junctions of Av. Del Mar, Av. Camarón Sábalo and Av. Rafael Buelna. This will be the new Glorieta. How about it? What do you think”, He posted on his personal Facebook.

In one of the images in his publication, it was observed that the construction supervisor met with the director of Municipal Public Works, Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez, and the deputy director of Municipal Transit, Francisco Guerra González, where they apparently discussed the design and logistics of the new rlorieta.

Habrá nueva glorieta en Rafael Buelna, Camarón Sábalo y Avenida Del Mar

According to the architect, there is already authorization from both the mayor of Mazatlan and the Governor of Sinaloa, and this time, the roundabout will expose a metal sphere structure in the middle, positioned on what looks like a shell, in addition to being adorned with blue lights.


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