Mazatlan’s remodeled Rafael Buelna Ave is not for walking or taking the dog out


Humberto Álvarez said that once the remodeling is completed, an exclusive program for cyclists will be implemented, which seeks to lower carbon dioxide levels and raise awareness among citizens

Mapa de Av. Rafael Buelna, Mazatlán, Sin.

Mazatlan Sinaloa .- The director of the Municipal Sports Institute (INDEM), Humberto Álvarez Osuna, reported on the misuse of the recently remodeled Rafael Buelna avenue, as citizens who do physical conditioning use it to run, being exclusively for cyclists.

“As the avenue is not finished, it is still in process, people are using it to walk, ride a bike, walk the dogs … the same people will realize that it is not for walking, it is not for taking out the dog, because they are exclusive routes for bicycles, “he said.

Álvarez Osuna said that once the rúa is finished, a program for cyclists will be implemented that is already in operation on Avenida Del Mar, which consists of traveling from Valentinos to Colegio El Pacifico, in addition to the program called ‘Tour the Historic Center ‘, which is exclusive for bicycle lovers.

Ciclovia Rafael Buelna Mazatlán

“The latter is a program that I really like, because it will help us a lot to continue reducing the issue of the carbon dioxide index in the city, and it will also allow us to completely expand the range of cycling, because it was already cut and it is more, between joke and joke, I said that the problem of this program is that it was being used more in the tourist part than in the actual implementation of a program that seeks to reduce carbon dioxide, we are going to join that project so that more people from the recreational part, from the use of bicycles to get to their workplaces, can start to drive it and begin to lower that rate of people who use the bike path to run, “he said.

Ciclovia Rafael Buelna Mazatlán

The director of the IMDEM assured that once this program is expanded on Rafael Buelna Avenue, the same people will realize that the bike path is not for walking or running.


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