Street vendors from Mazatlan could return to work the second week of July


There are approximately 1,800 merchants who had to raise their stalls almost three months ago due to the health contingency caused by Covid-19.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Tianguistas “street vendors” from Mazatlan appeared this morning at the Municipal Palace to dialogue with the authorities and ask them for a date to reopen their businesses, since more than three months ago they had to close due to the health contingency derived from the Covid-19.

Alfonso Gómez, the representative of the merchants, told Reacción Informativa that the City Council Secretary, José de Jesús Flores Segura, provided them with all the support and will give them the green light to reinstate themselves once the beaches and hotels are reopened.

Vendors return to work

“He has supported us quite well, we have asked him for a request for reopening the Mercado because we have a need, we depend on the Mercado and the secretary has supported us, he has told us that afterward, they open the beaches and hotels we open after eight days, according to as you can see, with a safety and sanitation protocol for all street vendors, “he assured.

He said that according to what the public official told him, the reopening of the hotel and beaches could take place within eight to ten days, and later, the more than 1,800 tianguistas “street vendors” from all over Mazatlan could return to work.


For his part, Alfredo Salazar, a tianguista from Juárez, said that they are seeking to immediately reopen their businesses since many depend on profits in tianguis to support families.

“We want them to give us a date, we want the authorities to come closer, to give us a date because we have uncertainty because it has been said that it does not have when, that it may be for December, January and in the meantime, everything is already opening here in Mazatlan, beaches, hotels, and everyone goes to work and we don’t know when “he lamented.


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